Optical Component

Optical Component


Aspherical lenses

The complex surface profile of an asphere can significantly reduce or even eliminate spherical aberrations comparing to spherical lenses. Hence, asphericals have been increasingly more widely explored and adopted during the optical design stage.Our company is equipped with the Optotech aspheric CNC machine that offers Contour Deterministic Micro Grinding (CDMG) service – the machine grinds the optical material to achieve ultra-high precision shape by leveraging the accuracy and repeatability of a computerized, numerically-controlled machine mechanism. Our process begins by grinding the bulk raw material into the closest fitting sphere, and then contouring the aspheric shape from edge to center. Typical available materials within our fabrication capabilities are optical glass, ZnSe, ZnS, BaF2, GaAs, and chalcogenide glass types.

Optical Machining Centers capability:


Capacities from 5mm to 400mm

1,000 to 24,000 rpm tool spindle

Automatic curve correction

Tool & Workpiece probing system

Dual tool spindles option